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What is it that makes babies so enchanting?  Their brand new bright eyes, their sweet-smelling skin, their tiny button noses- thousands of teensy tiny details add up to undeniable magic.  It’s these details, the little things that change and disappear all too quickly as our babies grow, that a great newborn photographer strives to capture.


The photo featured at the top of this page is one of the most beloved from the Lizzy Metcalfe Newborn gallery.  When we asked a crowd to tell us what grabs their attention, the answer was simple- lashes and rolls.  Have we stumbled on to something?  Is this little beauty not the definition of adorable!


Lashes, rolls, tiny fuzzy hairs, fragile fingernails, rosy cheeks; these are the unique details that make up baby.  For a newborn photographer such as Baltimore’s Lizzy Metcalfe Photography, capturing these details is what life is all about.  While these gorgeous photos might look simple, photographing newborn babies is definitely an art.


Professional newborn photographer in Baltimore Maryland

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Newborn photographer Baltimore Maryland


As a professional newborn photographer in Baltimore Maryland, Lizzy is specifically trained to photograph babies.  In addition to years of practice in photography, Lizzy is also expert in the careful handling of newborns.  Using only the safest and most comfortable positioning has baby and family safe, comfortable, and relaxed.  This serene environment allows Lizzy to take the time to capture the very best of baby- the magical details that are unique to your little one, the lashes and rolls.  The resulting photographs are breathtaking.



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Lizzy Metcalfe Photography is a professional newborn photographer in Baltimore Maryland serving Baltimore County, Owings Mills, Howard County, Harford County, Pikesville, and surrounding areas.

Halloween 2017 Baltimore County

Halloween 2017 Baltimore County | Happy Halloween from Lizzy Metcalfe Photography

Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,
Scary witches at your door,
Jack-o-lanterns shining bright,
Wishing you a haunted night

Whether you are heading out to trick-or-treat or just staying home to pass out treats, here are a few Halloween tips from the Baltimore County Police Department.

Halloween 2017 Baltimore County Safety Tips

Don’t Be Afraid Of Halloween. Just Be Aware.


You don’t need to be scared of the ghosts and goblins that come to your house this Halloween, just cautious. The Baltimore County Police Department suggests a few precautions this year before you open your door.

It may seem easier to leave your front door open with only the storm door closed, but please don’t. Storm doors were not meant to act as deterrents to thieves and robbers. Keep your main door locked and don’t open it until you’ve looked through a window or the door’s peephole. Open your door to only those children and adults you know and recognize.

The Department advises trick-or-treaters to be aware of their surroundings as well. Visit only those neighbors who are familiar to you.

Remind children not to eat goodies before they get home.

When they do arrive home, parents need to check the contents of their children’s bags.
Look for such things as unwrapped candy, loose pieces of candy, and fruit.
When checking candy wrappers, look for unusual markings or bumps and bulges.  These could be signs of tampering.
Throw away all unwrapped goodies.
If something appears suspicious, err on the side of caution and get rid of it.

Other suggestions:

Adults should accompany young children, and older kids should travel in groups.
Obey all traffic laws.  Walk on sidewalks whenever possible and cross at crosswalks or corners. Never cross between parked cars.
Do not go into any vehicles or homes while trick-or-treating. Wait outside for treats.
Respect other people’s property.  Don’t destroy it.
Stay in your own neighborhood.
Parents, make sure masks have large holes for the eyes. It is easy for little ones to trip and fall on a dark night. If possible, use make-up instead of a mask. Give children flashlights to carry with them. Flashlights or battery-powered Halloween torches or lamps enable them to see better.  It also makes it easier for others, especially motorists, to see them.

Baltimore County Police hope everyone will have a safe and fun Halloween.

For more information, see the Baltimore County Police Department page here:  Halloween Safety Tips Baltimore County


Happy Halloween to all Lizzy Metcalfe Photography families!



For upcoming holiday events in the Baltimore area, stay tuned to your fiendish friends at the Lizzy Metcalfe Photography blog.



Lizzy Metcalfe Photography is a professional newborn portrait studio in Baltimore County serving Owings Mills, Harford County, Howard County, Pikesville, and other surrounding Maryland and Pennsylvania areas.

Baltimore photographer Lizzy Metcalfe Photography honored by Photography Association


Baltimore Photographer Lizzy Metcalfe


If you are a following fan, you may have noticed a new badge at the bottom of the home page.  With the addition of that little gold stamp of approval, we are excited to announce that Lizzy Metcalfe Photography is officially included as a Photography Association member.


What does it take to be a Photography Association member?

According to the prestigious group’s guidelines, to be approved for membership, the photographer must “demonstrate exceptional skill, originality and creativity, and professionalism in their respective field of photography.”  Members are held to high standards in areas including consistency and quality of images, up-to-date licensure, and strict safety measures for clients.  In addition, approved members will have no complaints with consumer protections organizations such as Better Business Bureau.


Baltimore Newborn Photographer Lizzy Metcalfe



So, what does this mean for you as a client?

Simply put, you can rest assured that when you book a newborn photography session with Lizzy Metcalfe Photography, you are making a safe and solid decision.  You are going to have a wonderful experience, you and your precious babies will be safe, and you can expect exquisite photographs.


Best Newborn Photographer in Baltimore



Did we mention Lizzy Metcalfe Photography is honored as a Best Newborn Photographer in Baltimore by

That’s right.  This little photography studio is kind of a big deal.  If you would like to see what locals are saying, you can find reviews and images from past clients here at the Lizzy Metcalfe Photography Reviews page.



If you are ready to book your newborn photo session, or if you have questions about the process, connect with Lizzy at the following:  Baltimore County Newborn Photographer Contact



Baltimore photographer Lizzy Metcalfe Photography provides professional newborn portraiture and baby photography services in Owings Mills, MD, serving Baltimore, Howard County, Harford County, and Pennsylvania.



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Best Newborn Photographer in Baltimore


Whether for home decoration, birth announcements, or holiday cards, newborn portraits are usually one of the first things on a new parent’s to-do list. One of the greatest joys of a newbie mom or dad is sharing photos of your brand new wrinkly dumpling of joy. Friends and family that love you are glad to see and share the pictures- especially grandparents! We hang them up, set them out, and post them online for everyone to enjoy. These first photos have to be perfect. So, how do you make sure you are hiring the right person for the job?

With so many photographers around, whether amateur or professional, you would think it would be easy to find one that “fits.” However, when looking for the right person to capture the very first photos of your beautiful new baby, you will not want to rush the decision.

Here are some of the most important things to consider while searching for the perfect newborn photographer for you and your family.

How to choose the best newborn photographer in Baltimore Maryland


Best Newborn Photographer in Baltimore Maryland



There are several different styles of photography. A great way to find out what your style is could be as simple as searching through photos online or in magazines. Are you more drawn to photos where everyone is smiling at the camera? That would be a more traditional style. Do you prefer the pictures that look like they just happened to be captured- without posing? That would be a more candid style. You can gather a great idea of Lizzy’s style by glancing through the Newborn Gallery. Of course, you can contact Lizzy with any special style requests as well.



It’s always a good idea to contact the photographer and get a feel of their personality. This is especially true of anyone having photos of newborns and children taken. Someone who specializes in professional business photos may have a less flexible personality than a photographer that works with babies and children. It is important to “feel them out” before booking. Another great source for researching personality is online reviews. You can find Lizzy Metcalfe Photography reviews here and on popular sites such as Facebook and Instagram.


Lizzy Metcalafe Photography Baltimore Maryland


Artistic Trust

Do not hire anyone that you don’t completely trust to provide the type of photographs you are seeking. Although you have input into the planning of the photo session, ultimately the photographer will be working the magic. If you do not “trust” the photographer to know what is best, then keep looking until you find someone that feels right. A good way to determine if you trust the photographer is to ask yourself, “am I just okay with their style, or, am I committed to their style?”


These factors are among the most important to consider, but, there are a few more things to take into account. See part 2 of this post next week for additional considerations. Part 2 of Choosing the Best Newborn Photographer in Baltimore Maryland includes Budget, Reviews, and End Product.



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Lizzy Metcalfe Photography specializes in baby, newborn, infant, and newborn with sibling photography in the Baltimore, Maryland area- including Owings Mills, Pikesville, Howard County, Harford County, and surrounding Maryland and Pennsylvania.